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Amberstores  aims to offer an exciting range of materials for scrapbooking and card-making at some of the best prices online.  We hope to extend to other craft activities over time.

With more and more people appreciating that a handmade card means so much more than a shop-bought one, there has never been more scope to express your creativity in a way that can easily give pleasure to friends and family, as well as providing a lucrative hobby if you choose to sell your cards.

Additionally, scrapbooking is the perfect way to record all those times - both everyday and special - which you will want to remember and share in years to come.

Amberstores aims to meet as many of your needs as possible - do let us know if there is anything you would like us to stock and we will see if we can help you out

Thank you for visiting.  Happy Crafting and we hope you enjoy your time shopping with us!

from the team at Amberstores